The WORD is out

You only have one chance to make a first impression – and how you do that influences how people think you do business and how well you do it. If potential clients read corporate literature that’s poorly written and doesn’t really make sense then you’re missing a big opportunity – maybe the only one you have – to tell your story. Your potential clients are missing out on the chance to learn more about what you can do for them. I can work with you to support your business by getting to know it and by writing your story in a style that’s clear, straightforward and easy to read and understand.



The WORD on the street

Writing and issuing a press release can help promote your news – your achievements, new members of staff, winning a new contract, developing a new product or service – to a wider audience – and that can raise your company profile and bring in new business. I can advise you on what might make the news (and what probably won’t), write your press release and distribute it to the media through an extensive distribution list. If you prefer to write your own media releases, perhaps via your own in-house media team in an office overseas, but need help to distribute it in this part of the world, I can do that. Press releases can be produced on a one-off or ad hoc basis or as part of a wider media strategy.



Using big WORDS

Sometimes you have a bigger story that you want to tell or that people want to hear. That might be a profile interview with the CEO or a full length feature article on your latest service or company achievements for your corporate magazine or an advertorial feature for publication in the media. With a background in feature writing for newspapers and magazines in Scotland and in Canada covering a very wide range of topics, I can write your story in a way that people will want to read it.



Spreading the WORD. . .

Newsletters whether written as part of an internal communications strategy for your staff or intended for an external audience of customers and clients are a great way of pulling all your latest news together in one publication – whether that be online or produced as a hard copy publication. I can help you produce a newsletter featuring all the interesting news you’d like to share about your company.



The world of WORDS . . .

Your website is your window to the world and increasingly it’s the first port of call for existing and potential customers and clients who want to learn more about your business. They will be drawn to a website that looks good, but once they get there, looks are not enough; they want to know what you’re all about. I can help you make the most of your website by producing clear, focused copy which will tell your story to a wide audience in a short space of time.



WORD of mouth . . .

Public speaking can seem a daunting prospect. You might know what you want to say, but how do you say it in a way which will engage your audience? Or maybe you know this but with a busy schedule you just don’t have time to pull it all together. I can’t give your speech for you, but I can help you write it. Whether you’d like a full speech written out for use on the day or if you’d prefer some crib notes and bullet points, I can have a chat with you to find out a bit about you and what your style might be then write something which is tailored for you.



A winning way with WORDS

Awards events can provide valuable PR exposure for the companies which are short listed or win an award. How the entry submission is written can make the difference between making it to the finals. Several of my clients have found themselves on the winning podium after I worked with them on their submissions. Perhaps I can help you too.



The written WORD

It’s important to let someone else review what you’ve written – especially if it’s for public consumption. A fresh pair of eyes can often pick up things that the author doesn’t see. Getting an outsider to check what you’ve written is also a good way of gauging how clear and effective your message is. It’s something I do with my own work, and I can do it for yours too.



Adding more WORDS

Need help with your event? I’ve been involved in planning and managing a wide range of events – from arranging visits by Government Ministers and political briefing sessions to providing support at technical conferences to planning the launch and official opening of the completed Formartine & Buchan Way on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council and arranging a playing trip to France for 20 young rugby players.



A WORD in your ear . . .

Stakeholder engagement is two-way process of communication – informing and listening. Having organised public and private sector events for a wide range of stakeholder groups, I can help your organisation ensure engagement is targeted and effective.